COVID-19 Community Updates

Shelter Services

St. Martha’s Hall

We have resumed intakes but in a limited capacity. We have reduced our maximum number of women to 5 to allow for some level of social distancing. All new intakes have to quarantine for 2 weeks. We understand the difficulty in asking a woman to isolate and are taking great measures to connect with her several times day and make her as comfortable as possible.

Current residents leave only for essential purposes such as work and medical appointments. Staff is picking up prescriptions and other basic needs so residents don’t have to leave the shelter.

All staff and residents are wearing masks and gloves in common areas. Staff is cleaning and disinfecting every shift. We conduct 2x daily health checks with residents, taking their temperature and going through a symptom checklist. Staff   takes their temperature prior to reporting to work.

We continue to limit staffing to one advocate in the shelter during each shift.

We are following all CDC guidelines and are working with the coalition and local community partners to continue providing crucial services as long as we can.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Email is the best way to reach us right now as staff is so limited. Contact – Jessica Woolbright


ALIVE is still providing services and answering the crisis line remotely.  Staff are working from home.  ALIVE can take clients in shelter services; but we have now modified the number to 10.  Right now, staff is not having any direct contact with clients.  Assessments and screenings are done by phone.  Any questions, please feel free to email Maggie Menefee at

Court Information

St. Louis County Domestic Violence Court – Adult Abuse Office and OOP Hearings

In light of recent news and with consideration of both Supreme Court guidelines and the St. Louis County/City Stay Home orders issued, all OP hearings have been suspended until the week of April 20 when they are currently scheduled to resume; however, the Adult Abuse Office remains open for petitioners to come and file in-person during the business hours of: Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm (petitions not accepted after 4pm) AND Saturday 9am-12pm.

In addition, petitioners now have the option to file remotely during the above business hours by using an online submission process on the Court’s website OR by visiting their local Police Department.  Fore more information and instructions  on how to file remotely, please visit:  This process enables petitioners to file from home (if it is safe to do so), from a DV shelter/agency or from any other safe location where they have access to a computer.  Please note that for emergency/after-hours OP’s, petitioners should still visit their local Police Department to file.

As a reminder, litigants are being offered the option to participate in their upcoming OP hearings using the Zoom platform.  All litigants who have filed new OP’s or whose OP cases were cancelled/continued were provided with instructions on how to request a remote hearing via Zoom (also done through the Court’s website).

Please see the PSA released this morning for more information on the Court’s response to DV during COVID-19 and remote OP filings/hearings:

The COPA Office is not currently staffed but the COPA County line is (314) 666-0271.  DV Court program staff are still working a limited number of hours in the office should you or the clients you serve have questions or need assistance.

St. Louis City Adult Abuse Office and OOP hearings

Online applications available as well as in person applications.  Hearings are available by remote. 

Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM (excluding Holidays), Petitioner may submit petition directly to the Court online by completing the form on the website. If unable to submit the petition online, they may visit the courthouse at 10 N Tucker Blvd, St. Louis, Missouri.

To submit Order of Protection petition(s) online, Petitioner must first register for a secure account through the State of Missouri’s Courts’ website at the bottom of this page .

Please note, Petitioner will receive a confirmation email once they have registered. After Petitioner confirms their email address, they will be able to submit an email to the Court using an email address they will send Petitioner. Make sure to attach the order of protection packet they have filled out and saved to their computer.

Advocates have set up a call/voice line (314) 666-0180.

St Louis City 22nd Circuit Court – Criminal Court

The courts are closed and everything is happening via conference calls. There are no trials, pleas or Grand Juries happening. There have been several Public Defenders filing for emergency bond hearings but many judges are denying them and victims are called regarding potential hearings. Victim Services is running remotely. Office number at (314) 622-4373 to talk to advocate or if you have questions.

Legal Services

Legal Service of Eastern Missouri

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri remains dedicated to helping individuals and families in need of civil legal assistance during this COVID-19 crisis.

If you need legal help, please call our intake department from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, at 314.534.4200 or toll-free at 800.444.0514.

You can also apply online anytime (24/7) at

All staff at Legal Services is working remotely and can be reached at their usual office email or telephone. In keeping with health guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, Legal Services’ offices will not hold any in-person meetings until further notice.

For up-to-date information on Legal Services and information regarding the courts, please go to We are also posting information and trainings on our Facebook page at

Contact – Laura Halfmann-Morris;

Victim Service Agencies

Crime Victim Center 

The Crime Victim Center staff are currently working remotely.  Client walk-in hours are canceled until further notice at our Main Office. If clients have questions or would like to speak to a Victim Advocate, please contact us at (314) 652-3623, leave a voicemail, and a staff member will call back.

Counseling appointments will be on a case by case basis as our counselor’s complete training for remote counseling procedures.

The COPA City and COPA County Advocates are available during filing hours to assist petitioners by phone. The COPA City line is 314-666-0180 and the COPA County line is (314) 666-0271.

DVIP Advocates are still reaching out to victims of domestic assaults as soon as the client information is provided. Clients can leave messages at the DVIP City office at (314) 444-5833 and the DVIP County office at 314-615-8665 and a victim advocate will reach out as soon as possible.

The Legal Help Line is still taking calls. Contact the Legal Help Line at (314) 664-6699.

Life Source Consultants

The physical office of Life Source Consultants is closed and work from home through March 31st. However, they are still accessible by email and can return messages from calls to our main office number.  Office: (314) 524-4130 Crisis Line: (314) 524-0686

Mers Goodwill ACCESS Program

ACCESS Program is still providing services.  Until the shelter at home order is lifted, we will be conducting appointments over the phone.  If a participant obtains an interview with an essential business then we can provide transportation IF necessary. Contact – Jessica Meredith cell: (314) 712-1289.

Redevelopment Opportunities for Women (ROW)

The Redevelopment Opportunities for Women (ROW) Programs of Family Forward is committed to serving individuals identifying as women who are experiencing economic hardship, poverty, homelessness, and/or intimate partner violence during the pandemic and beyond. ROW can provide individuals with an advocate who can support them with hardships related to COVID-19 and other crisis intervention and stability services.

We continue to monitor the situation around COVID-19. Family Forward offices, including ROW, are beginning to slowly open up their doors to the public, with enhanced safety measures put in place in our office. Individuals are required to wear masks while in the office and maintain a safe distance of at least six feet. ROW staff is responsible for wiping down common areas and maintaining a safe work environment. Individuals are still encouraged to receive services remotely via Zoom, phone, or other forms of contact-less support, but in-office support is available as needed.

Individuals in need should call the ROW Office at 314-588-8300, or they can contact the Family Forward Intake line at 314-534-9350, ext. 1136.


Animal Protection Agency

APA’s SafeCare program is still operating. We have limited operations at this time, but we are accepting pets into our domestic violence program. Here is more info on the program.  Kim Brown is the contact for this program.